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ACR control determines the respiration rate of fruits in the entire cold store. Based on respiration rate characteristics, the O2 set point is lowered or increased automatically by the APP|ell control system.

ACR is a reliable system for new- as well as existing storage facilities. Therefore ACR is proven the only reliable dynamic system.

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The aim of Advanced Control of Respiration is to store products at the lowest possible oxygen value. This requires a strong and secure safetynet by a CO2 and O2 measuring system.

ACR reacts way before the product starts to fermentate. The RQ-value will change because of lowering the oxygen content, translated by the MyFruit software in raising the oxygen level before any development of alcohol in the stored product can start. 

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The new My Fruit software uses touch screen panels and comes with a smartphone app. The simplicity and easy interface gives you an immediate overview of temperature, O2-, CO2-levels, alarms, etc. The My Fruit Dynamic App connects you with your ACR control system. No matter where you are, you will be able to check up on your products. ACR is fully integrated!

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ACR measures the respiration of 100% of the content of the stored product  – not just a minimal selection of fruits in a separate compartment with its own ethanol or fluorescence sensor.  

ACR: no sampling, just facts based on unified measurement.

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ACR measures directly in the cold store, just like a regular O2-, CO2 measuring system, which is a proven and well known procedure. There is no need for an additional small storage cell, nor are there extra accessories required. Therefore ACR saves both time as costs. Energy is saved because respiration rates are strongly decreased, thus decreasing the heat production of apples and actions of the refrigeration system. Savings can go up to 25%.

Only ACR offers improved automation, cost reductions and better quality, all at the same time!

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